Are tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter unduly silencing certain voices online and otherwise leveraging an unfair monopoly to control access to information (and potentially advertising revenue) in the digital world? According to a recently leaked memo from the White House, it appears that these concerns could be substantial enough to warrant executive action from the Trump administration.

As Jim Edwards of Business Insider reports, the leaked document referenced above consists of a proposed executive order that calls on various government bodies to inspect the major online platforms (i.e. Facebook, Google, etc.) and search for evidence of competitive bias and antitrust law violations.

On the surface, this executive order draft might appear to be nothing more than posturing in the wake of inflammatory tweets from President Trump, the recent banning of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from certain social media platforms, and a wide swath of other events surrounding the current political discourse. However, once you realize that Google accounts for up to 90 percent of the search market in many regions, and that Facebook and Google receive roughly 90 percent of all new advertising dollars spent on the web, the message becomes clear in a hurry: Favoritism of any kind is damaging not just for news outlets and political pundits, but also for businesses, like your dealership, that require objective and transparent access to vital consumer groups and other potential customers in the digital world.

Adding in the fact that this leak comes on the heels of the European Union's (EU) recent multi-billion dollar fine levied against Google for illicitly distorting shopping search results and forced app installations on the Android platform, it is safe to say that the dominance of Google, Facebook, and the handful of other major tech leaders is cause for concern for government organizations both near and far.

Will the White House go through with turning this internal memo into a fully-fledged executive order? Is this potential response to the dominance of Google, Facebook, and other tech leaders just the latest political maneuver being leveraged by the Trump administration, or could this action serve as the first step toward creating an online marketplace that isn't beholden to the whims and machinations of the tech magnates that control both the vast majority of the digital advertising industry and what viewers see, consume, and experience once they pull out their smartphones and other devices?

To delve into these questions and learn even more about this potentially game-changing executive order, as well as read over the complete leaked memo, go ahead and click on the link below for the full scoop from Edwards and the rest of the Business Insider team.

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