If you're a regular reader around here, then you know that the rise of artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a key player in basically every industry, including the likes of automotive, web development, and search engine optimization (SEO). However, with a new executive order coming down from the White House yesterday, the role that A.I. plays in the future of these marketplaces could be on the verge of an exponential explosion.

So just what does this executive order, known as the "American AI Initiative," intend to do to supercharge the development of A.I.? According to Will Knight of the MIT Technology Review, this bold new plan takes aim at five key concepts or actions. These foundational points for the American AI Initiative include:

  • Redirect Funding
  • Create Resources
  • Establish Standards
  • Retrain Workers
  • Engage Internationally

Naturally, this is a lot to cover, but all five points funnel into the same goal: Making the United States more competitive in the global market in the face of major gains by competing countries in this sector, including China, Canada, and France.

Digging a level deeper, providing government backing and guidance could streamline the act of bringing products centered around A.I. to market. From autonomous vehicles to bots that handle software development and design, standardizing the process and providing clearer channels of movement has the potential to remove many of the obstacles that stand between these innovations and the automotive marketplace of tomorrow.

Will the Trump Administration's latest executive order be the spark that ignites the next phase of the American A.I. revolution? What other hurdles stand in the way of the government officially embracing a transformative technology that could rival the Industrial Revolution or the advent of the Internet in terms of scope and impact? For the answer to the these questions, and even more insight, be sure to check out the complete article from Will Knight of the MIT Technology Review on the other side of the link down below.

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