If you thought allowing the credentials of 500 million users to fall into the hands of hackers was bad, wait until you hear about the latest digital disaster to emerge from Yahoo's corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

As USA Today's Elizabeth Weise and Mike Snider report, this ailing tech giant allegedly filtered and scanned the incoming emails of all of its users on behalf of either the National Security Agency (NSA) or the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). While the exact reasoning for this historic breach of trust and digital confidentiality isn't quite known as of yet, Weise and Snider note that these agencies were most likely sniffing for a certain phrase or series of words within these transmissions.

Naturally, the amount of consumer backlash and intense industry-driven scrutiny Yahoo will most certainly face in the wake of this revelation is the last thing a company that is already on its back foot needs as it tries to right the ship and regain relevancy in a constantly changing digital world.

Interested in reading even deeper into the latest catastrophe to beset this beleaguered and once-proud industry titan? Then give the link below a click and follow along as Weise and Snider recount this story of illegal tapping and how congressional hearings and a variety of other probes are likely to be among the consequences faced by chief executive officer (CEO) Marissa Mayer and the rest of the Yahoo team.

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