Standing as the second-largest search engine on the web, YouTube most certainly serves as one of the preeminent advertising channels for both dealerships and businesses from countless other industries. However, thanks to a scandal over inappropriate content and rising concerns of pedophiles misusing the platform, some of the biggest advertisers on the web are jumping ship and abandoning YouTube until things change.

So just what is happening with YouTube and its current woes? As Todd Haselton and Sara Salinas of CNBC report, major advertisers are pulling ad spend from the platform in the wake of allegations that pedophiles have begun using the comments sections of uploads featuring young children to serve as a "meeting grounds" of sorts for likeminded individuals. From here, timestamping portions of the video that feature suggestive poses or unintentional nudity, in addition to sharing and propagating illicit materials, has seemingly run rampant in this surprisingly dark corner of YouTube.

In response to the rash of unchecked hijackings of family videos from beach trips, pool parties, and other originally innocuous situations, Hasbro, AT&T, and a wide range of other major industry forces have abandoned the platform. In many statements addressing the situation, these advertisers (which also include Nestle and Epic Games) point out that they will only return to advertising via this channel if Google finds a way to properly police comments on these videos and rid itself of those who abuse its platform.

Considering that over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, policing and moderating both the established library found on the site and all incoming submissions could be one of the tallest tasks every faced by the team behind the web's largest video platform.

Should your dealership consider removing YouTube from its advertising budget until this issue has been fully addressed and resolved? What can Google and its YouTube subsidiary truly do to eradicate and stymie the offenders behind this child video scandal?

To dig into these questions, and learn even more about the latest regarding YouTube's pedophilia controversy, be sure to dig into the full story from Haselton and Salinas over on CNBC by clicking on the link we have provided down below.

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