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Will the First Known Fatality to Occur with Autopilot Active Slow down Tesla's Dreams of a Self-Driving Future?

Joshua Brown's passing as a result of a car crash in Levy County, Florida isn't just an unfortunate tragedy for his loved ones and friends; it also could stand as a watershed moment in the development and adoption of autonomous vehicle technology.

Such a bold claim might come off sounding...

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Google Makes Plans to Bring the Web to Life via the Power of Virtual Reality

Are you looking to truly immerse yourself in the digital world the next time you surf the web? Then Google's announcement of a dedicated virtual reality (VR) shell for upcoming variations of the Chrome browser package should be music to your ears.

In particular, the guys and gals over in...

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Secretive Startup Zoox Raises $200 Million for Its Self-Driving Car Initiative

The team over at Zoox - an enigmatic and reclusive self-driving car startup - generally doesn't have much to say to the media or the rest of the automotive industry when it comes to their plans for creating the next wave of autonomous vehicles. However, when co-founders Tim Kentley-Klay and Jesse...

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NBC Hops on the Virtual Reality Hype Train with 85 Hours of VR-Enabled Olympic Content

If NBC has its way, then bringing the Rio Olympics into the comfort of your own home isn't going to be just some catchy broadcasting phrase any longer.

As Variety's Todd Spangler explains, the primary provider of Olympic competition coverage is planning on offering up a hefty amount of vi...

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Is Chinese Billionaire Jia Yueting the Next Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is quickly learning that being the hottest name in the tech world comes with plenty of fame and influence - as well a target on one's back from other billionaire rivals. The latest to join the ranks of aspiring Musk-esque thought leaders is one of China's most acclaimed tech magnates, J...

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Brazil Freezes Facebook Funds Amid Continued Battle Over User Privacy Rights

The fight between Brazil and Facebook just moved from "heating up" to "raging inferno" status with the recent announcement that the South American nation would prevent the world's largest social media network from accessing over 19 million reais ($6 million USD) in funds stored within local banks...

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Android N Receives a Tasty New Name in Nougat

We've known for a while now that KitKat, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and the rest of the Android operating system (OS) family will be welcoming in a new sibling later this year - and thanks to Google's recent big reveal on Snapchat, we finally have a name for this new OS.

Officially k...

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Intel, Mobileye, and BMW Join Forces to Pair Artificial Intelligence with Autonomous Vehicle Technology

If the recently formed strategic alliance between Intel, Jerusalem-based camera and software firm Mobileye, and BMW pans out the way its partners expect it to, then it won't be long before we're all rethinking the future of self-driving vehicles. In fact, Bloomberg's Jamie Butters notes in his co...

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Autotrader's Online Advertising Services Come Under Fire Amid Massive Class Action Lawsuit

While rumors of dubious reporting practices have followed Autotrader's online advertising department around in the digital world for some time, these claims are undeniably out in the open now thanks to the massive class action lawsuit recently filed against this Internet-based automotive marketpl...

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Here's a Look at How Nissan's New High-Tech GT-R Drone Can Out-Accelerate Its Automotive Counterpart

The GT-R is a member of the Nissan family long known for its dedication to speed, handling, and finesse on the road, but does this pedigree of performance also translate to the open skies? According to the team behind the new Nissan GT-R drone, the answer to question is an emphatic "Yes!"

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Twitter's Vision for a Dedicated VR/AR Team Comes into Focus with the Hiring of Former Apple Designer Alessandro Sabatelli

Twitter is looking to rethink how users experience content on its social media platform via virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR, respectively) systems - and Alessandro Sabatelli appears to be the key to realizing this vision. Specifically, Sabatelli brings years of experience in this field t...

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Will 2021 Be "The Year of the Self-Driving Car" in China?

Watch out, Google: You're not the only tech giant that has big plans to commercialize self-driving vehicles in the coming decade.

As Fortune magazine's Kirsten Korosec explains, Chinese digital magnate Baidu wants to mass produce autonomous automobiles and launch this product in multiple...

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The EU Takes Aim at Google Over Antitrust Concerns - Again

If there's one thing you can say about the European Union (EU), it's that this group of nations loves to clamp down on perceived monopolies and trusts within its sphere of influence. Unfortunately for Google (the biggest search engine on the planet and a major player in the European digital marke...

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Can Artificial Intelligence Right Twitter's Sinking Ship?

While Twitter and its unique take on micro-blogging once stood as the darling of the digital world, there's no denying that this social giant has fallen on some pretty hard times (and dwindling user engagement) lately. Even so, Twitter chief executive officer (CEO) Jack Dorsey thinks that the for...

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HyperLoop One Receives Support from a Mysterious Russian Billionaire Benefactor

Last month, we brought you an update on tech luminary Elon Musk's impressive tube transportation system - Hyperloop One - and how this technology could alter the way Californians commute from Los Angeles to San Francisco. (Take a peek at the full story here if you're interested.)


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A Team of Ex-Apple Engineers Want to Make Your Old Car Autonomous

Generally, we like to think of self-driving technology as something that is reserved for only the latest models from the big automotive manufacturers that will be hitting the showroom floors in the years to come. But what about the over one billion cars that are already on the road?

In an...

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Uber and Hyundai Team up to Bring the Self-Driving Car Revolution to South Korea

It seems like whenever we talk about the imminent arrival of self-driving cars to roads around the world, Uber always finds its way to the forefront of this discussion. Thanks to the recent announcement of a partnership with Hyundai and an expansion of its research and development capabilities wi...

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Is the Future of Big Data and Mobile Advertising Found on the Highway?

The center stack in your car isn't just for cranking up the air conditioning or flipping over to a new radio station anymore. In fact, thanks to the likes of Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and the rest of the growing in-car app marketplace, the whole concept of the average commuter's "daily drive"...

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Google's Project Loon: Groundbreaking Innovation or Stolen Intellectual Property?

Google's balloon-based WiFi system (known as Project Loon) is causing quite a stir in the tech world - and for good reason. After all, this innovative technology attacks the problem of bringing the Internet to the most remote locations around the globe from a creative and original perspective. Read Article

Microsoft Unloads $26.2 Billion for the Rights to LinkedIn

In today's digital world, there's one truth that stands above all others: Social media most definitely rules the roost. After handing over a cool $26.2 billion in a somewhat unexpected acquisition of LinkedIn, it appears that tech giant Microsoft clearly understands the truth behind this statemen...

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Could Silicon Valley Usurp Wall Street's Position at the Center of the Financial World?

When we think of stock exchanges and "wheeling and dealing" on the open market, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Wall Street's inimitable culture often are the first things that come to mind. However, if Eric Ries, author of "The Lean Startup," has his way, the financial world will soon tur...

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The iPhone's 10th Anniversary Could Be Headlined by an "Edgeless" All-Glass iPhone 8

With the iPhone 6S (as well as it its upcoming successor, the iPhone 7) failing to drum up much interest from the normally rabid Apple following, it's safe to say that 2017 - and the subsequent 10th anniversary of the iPhone line of mobile devices - is shaping up to be a "make or break" year for...

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Microsoft's Purchase of LinkedIn Is All about the Data

If you're reading this, then there's a great chance that you've already heard the big news regarding the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft. However, there's a lot more to this story than simply serving as the largest such deal in the history of Bill Gates' brainchild.

Specifically, we'...

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Remora President Christian Jorn Takes the Airwaves By Storm on the Duval Ford Heavy Metal Hour

Ever wonder what it's like to run a cutting edge automotive website platform? If so, then you can't afford to miss Remora's very own Christian Jorn and his recent appearance on the Duval Ford Heavy Metal Hour radio show.

From covering the company's unlikely origin story and unique culture...

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Uber's New Schedule Rides Service Rethinks the On-Demand Transportation Paradigm

What's the one thing you'd change about Uber if you were in charge for the day? If your answer revolved around the ability to schedule rides in advance, then we have some good news for you.

The new feature, aptly named "Schedule Rides," went live around the globe on June 9th and allows fo...

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Did Alphabet's CEO Larry Page Secretly Build a Flying Car?

Being the chief executive officer (CEO) of Google's parent company Alphabet naturally comes with an affinity for all things on the cutting edge side of the tech world. However, Larry Page might have secretly taken this love affair to the next level by following in the footsteps of the "Back to th...

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The UberRUSH API Is Officially Open to Everyone

We all know that Uber is a great way to get home from the airport or to make your way to an event in an unfamiliar city. What you might not have realized, though, is that this transportation magnate is also interested in eradicating logistics headaches for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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Android's Nearby Feature Aims to Take Beacon and Location Services to the Next Level

With over one million apps available on the Google Play Store, it's safe to say that there's an app that fits into literally every facet of your daily life. The only problem? There aren't enough hours in the day to sift through all of these apps each time you're looking for a little extra interac...

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France Slams Uber with a $900,000 Fine for Its "Illegal" UberPop Service

Across the globe, virtually everyone is hailing the rise of Uber and other on-demand transportation services as one of the greatest - and most convenient - innovations in our recent history.

Well, everyone except taxi drivers and the legislators who advocate for these traditional transpor...

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Personal Rivalries, Social Media "Mega Breaches," and Multi-Million Dollar Bitcoin Transactions: A Look at the Underground Marketplace for Stolen Data

The past four weeks have hardly been a high point for various social networks and the proponents of greater digital security. In fact, with MySpace, LinkedIn, and Tumblr all falling prey to unwanted intrusions and a total of one billion accounts being traded within various Deep Web hacker social...

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Heading to Auction: Yahoo Unveils Plans to Sell about 3,000 Core Technology Patents

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you know that the massive restructuring happening over at Yahoo (as well as its inevitable sale) is causing all kinds of waves in the digital world. However, thanks to the decision by this tech giant's brain trust to sell off th...

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Cadillac Brings Virtual Reality Integration to the Showroom Floor

Imagine walking into a local dealership and facing down a showroom floor that has exactly zero new cars on display. Sounds like a nightmare scenario to anyone who has even a fleeting understanding of the automotive marketplace, right?

Surprisingly enough, some of the more daring Cadillac...

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The Supreme Court Weighs in on Google's Class Action Legal Woes

Did Google commit an advertising faux pas by placing Adwords content on error pages, parked domains, and other undesirable destinations? Were the advertisers who paid for these spots knowingly misled, or is this really just one big misunderstanding? Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has jumped into...

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Bitauto Raises the Stakes with $300 Million in New Investments

What do you get when you roll, Consumer Reports, and Autotrader all together? In China, the answer is Bitauto - a massive online marketplace for all things related to transportation and the automotive sector.

While some companies might be satisfied with ruling such a large roost,...

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Google Comes out on Top in Its Fight with Oracle

Remember a few weeks back when we pointed out that the Google-Oracle legal grudge match was winding down and a decision from the jury was imminent? Well the word is out and the ruling is in: Google doesn't have to fork over $9 billion in damages to the owner of the Java programming language.

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Accelerating into the Future of Autonomous Vehicles with George Hotz's $1,000 Self-Driving Car Kit

Who says having owning a self-driving car has to be expensive? In fact, if George Hotz - chief executive officer (CEO) and founder of tech firm - has his way, you won't even need to front the money for a brand new car to enjoy this cutting edge automotive technology.

Born of a lo...

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