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Cadillac Brings Virtual Reality Integration to the Showroom Floor

Imagine walking into a local dealership and facing down a showroom floor that has exactly zero new cars on display. Sounds like a nightmare scenario to anyone who has even a fleeting understanding of the automotive marketplace, right?

Surprisingly enough, some of the more daring Cadillac...

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The Supreme Court Weighs in on Google's Class Action Legal Woes

Did Google commit an advertising faux pas by placing Adwords content on error pages, parked domains, and other undesirable destinations? Were the advertisers who paid for these spots knowingly misled, or is this really just one big misunderstanding? Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has jumped into...

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Bitauto Raises the Stakes with $300 Million in New Investments

What do you get when you roll, Consumer Reports, and Autotrader all together? In China, the answer is Bitauto - a massive online marketplace for all things related to transportation and the automotive sector.

While some companies might be satisfied with ruling such a large roost,...

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Google Comes out on Top in Its Fight with Oracle

Remember a few weeks back when we pointed out that the Google-Oracle legal grudge match was winding down and a decision from the jury was imminent? Well the word is out and the ruling is in: Google doesn't have to fork over $9 billion in damages to the owner of the Java programming language.

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Accelerating into the Future of Autonomous Vehicles with George Hotz's $1,000 Self-Driving Car Kit

Who says having owning a self-driving car has to be expensive? In fact, if George Hotz - chief executive officer (CEO) and founder of tech firm - has his way, you won't even need to front the money for a brand new car to enjoy this cutting edge automotive technology.

Born of a lo...

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Could the Deep Text Artificial Intelligence System Transform Facebook into the Perfect Search Engine?

Cataloging and serving search results for the trillions of status updates, events, shared links, and other posts generated by Facebook users in an intuitive and engaging way is a seemingly Herculean task that has baffled the team over at 1 Hacker Way for years now. That is, until the Deep Text ar...

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Figuring out the Automotive World's Place in the Internet of Things

For plenty of veterans of the automotive world, the bond between technology and this industry is one that doesn't seem like it makes a ton of sense at first glance. After all, cars and trucks have stood as works of mechanical ingenuity for over a century now, while computers, WiFi, and the rest o...

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Uber's Burgeoning Global Empire Expands Thanks to a $3.5 Billion Investment from Saudi Arabia

Yesterday, we spent some time talking about how Goldman Sachs' approval of a $1 billion dollar credit line to transportation magnate Uber heralded a new bond between one of Silicon Valley's biggest players and the old guard of Wall Street. As impressive as this story is, it pales in comparison to...

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Wall Street Bets Big on Uber's New Leasing Business

Uber is clearly willing to do whatever it takes to keep a steady stream of new members flowing into its already massive bank of drivers. Don't believe it? A quick look at this transportation magnate's recent acquisition of a $1 billion credit line from Goldman Sachs to fund Xchange (a program des...

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Toyota and Uber's Newly-Formed Partnership Is a Call to Arms

If you're a fan of the political intrigue and grand confrontations offered up by the hit show "Game of Thrones," then taking a peek into the shared space between ride-hailing apps and automotive manufacturers should be right up your alley. As the team over at Bloomberg notes, adding the recent pa...

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Volkswagen Arms Uber Rival Gett with a $300 Million Investment

Europe's largest automotive manufacturer just joined the transportation service arms race with a $300 million investment in Gett - a New York-based startup that operates primarily in European cities. In return for showing Gett the money, Volkswagen now has access to a stable foundation on which t...

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The Rich Get Richer: Apple, Microsoft, and Google Now Hold 23 Percent of All U.S. Corporate Cash

The Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and Morgans of America's past have nothing on today's tech leaders in terms of wealth and influence. In particular, Apple, Microsoft, and Google now lay claim to 23 percent of all corporate cash in the United States, with a shared cash holding of $391 billion. If yo...

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Are Passwords Going the Way of the Dinosaur?

There's no denying that Google's I/O developer conference is an event that's always filled to the brim with amazing announcements and impressive feats of technological advancement. Even so, the most remarkable reveal of the entire event - a plan to eradicate conventional passwords by the end of t...

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The Google-Oracle Grudge Match Is Moving Closer to a Conclusion

When Google and Oracle stepped into the courtroom six years ago to hash out the details of software rights and inappropriate usage, everyone in the tech community knew that this legal grudge match would be one for the ages. However, now that closing arguments are wrapping up, it's become readily...

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Teaching Artificial Intelligence to Paint the Next Mona Lisa

Throughout the ages, the fine arts are the one constant that has always separated man from both animal and machine. Well, the latter part of that statement was true right up until Google announced the launch of the Magenta research project.

Designed as a way to promote creativity within i...

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Marketing Beacons: What They Are and Why Your Dealership Can't Afford to Overlook Them

Want in on a little secret that could make or break your standing with the growing segment of tech-savvy shoppers in your area? It goes like this:

If your dealership doesn't take marketing beacon technology seriously, you might as well send interested shoppers right back out the front doo...

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Testing the Mettle of Self-Driving Cars on the Streets of the Steel City

While Pittsburgh is usually known for its steel-related heritage, the opening of Uber's Advanced Technology Center in the Strip District - and Carnegie Mellon University's ongoing autonomous vehicle research program - is helping the "Steel City" rebrand itself as a mecca for forward-thinking tran...

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Google Makes Plans to Join in on the Chat Bot Craze

Still think chat bots are some passing fad? Now that Google is adding its name to the growing number of major digital players who are getting in line behind this technology, it is officially time to start rethinking your stance on what is quickly becoming the hottest tech trend of 2016.


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Getting More out of Your Tweets via Twitter's New Character Limit Policy

Ever feel like 140 characters just isn't quite enough space to tell the world about all of your great ideas and insight? If so, then the team from Twitter has some good news for you - in the near future. While there's no official announcement just yet, Bloomberg's Sarah Frier does note that the r...

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Taking Viv (The "Interface for Everything") for a Test Drive

Not too long ago, we checked in with The Guardian's Zoe Corbyn to learn a little more about how Viv - one of the latest entrants into the voice-controlled assistance industry - is reshaping the bond between artificial intelligence (A.I.) and device management. However, all of the speculation surr...

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Would You Babysit One of Google's Self-Driving Cars for $20 an Hour?

In the words of team from The Drive, Google's latest job opening is the perfect opportunity to sit on your butt and make $20 an hour. The only catch? You'll have to put your faith in one of Google's self-driving cars and babysit it as it motors its way around Chandler - a suburb located on the ou...

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Nissan Snaps up Controlling Interest in Mitsubishi for a Cool $2.1 Billion

The relationship between two of Japan's most esteemed car manufacturers just got a little closer - and a lot more complicated. Mere days after Mitsubishi admitted that it had falsified fuel economy tests (something that also affects Nissan via a shared technology agreement), the company now finds...

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Are Virtual Personal Assistants Getting a Little Too Close for Comfort with Your Personal Information?

The continued enhancement of the personal assistant technology that we've all come to love within our smartphones and other devices is obviously an exciting part of the "always on" modern lifestyle. However, where does the line stand between enhanced convenience and outright intrusions of consume...

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Hyperloop One Wants to Take You from Los Angeles to San Francisco in about Half an Hour

Elon Musk is at it again. While most members of the tech and automotive communities know this billionaire as the vibrant and effusive face of Tesla Motors, Musk is in the headlines this time on behalf of another forward-thinking venture - Hyperloop One. Specifically, this transportation firm rece...

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Is Google Stealing Millions from Publishers via AdSense Bannings?

Normally, we think of Google as a digital "sheriff" of sorts, keeping the Internet safe from spammers and other unsavory types. But what if this tech giant is the one who is breaking all of the rules and stealing boatloads of cash from unsuspecting publishers? According to Pubshare - a company th...

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Making Progress (Finally) with the Sale of Yahoo

It looks like Jeff Smith and Starboard Value's bold move to shape up the Yahoo boardroom and push through a sale of the company is finally paying off some tangible dividends. In particular, all reports point to Yahoo's incumbent chief executive officer (CEO), Marissa Mayer, as being less confront...

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Is Viv Ready to Take the Personal Assistant Crown from Siri?

While Cortana and Google Now are viable competitors, the truth of the matter is that Apple's Siri is still the queen of the personal assistant world. Even so, a new challenger - San Jose, California's Viv artificial intelligence (A.I.) company - is rising up through the ranks and making it a poin...

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Apple: Tech Giant or Music Thief?

James Pinkstone, director of studio and operations at Atlanta-based design firm Vellum, had 122 gigabytes worth of music stolen from his computer by Apple and replaced with inferior "streaming only" editions of the very same songs. As strange as this event sounds initially, it's actually just the...

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Do You Know Why Google's Artificial Intelligence System Can't Get Enough Steamy Romance Novels?

Google's artificial intelligence (A.I.) engine simply can't keep its virtual hands off of the latest sexy and sordid romance novels. In fact, this program has consumed around 2,865 such page-turners; all in an effort to learn more about writing conversationally. To get a better idea of how works...

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Keyword Stuffing: How Much Is Too Much?

"How many keywords do I need in my content to rank with Google?"

On the surface, this is a seemingly innocuous question that many dealerships ask as they prepare to launch a new site. Even so, delving into arbitrary thresholds regarding keyword numbers - and in terms of density compared t...

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Breaking New Ground with Google and Fiat's Self-Driving Minivan Partnership

Google and Fiat are officially coming together to revolutionize the way soccer mom's handle their daily drive via a partnership aimed at developing autonomous minivans. Outside of the substantial name recognition these two industry leaders bring to the forefront of driverless technology, this agr...

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Salesforce Wants to Make You a Developer

Are you a business analyst or digital marketing expert that doesn't know the first thing about coding or app development? If so, then Steve Nellis thinks you're exactly who Salesforces is looking for as it begins to lay the foundation for Lightning - the latest addition to its customer relationsh...

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Making Sense of Bitcoin's Complicated Future

A blossoming rivalry with financial magnate Visa, heated arguments concerning the way transactions are recorded by various powerful "coin mining" factions, and a mysterious creator now emerging from behind a once impenetrable veil of secrecy; these are just a few of the hottest topics up for disc...

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Pulling the Plug on Brazil's 100 Million Strong WhatsApp Community

Marcel Maia Montalvão is a name Brazil's burgeoning digital community has learned to fear in recent weeks. After detaining Facebook's vice president of Latin America a few months ago for failing to comply with judicial orders, Montalvão is at it again - and this time the judge from a small town i...

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Beefing up Device Security via Machine Learning

It might sound like an oxymoron initially, but the reality of our increasingly tech-oriented world is that most "smart" devices are actually pretty dumb; especially when it comes to keeping hackers and other malicious entities on the outside looking in. Thankfully, with the advent of machine lear...

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Jaguar and Tile: A Tech Partnership for the Forgetful

Few things are as frustrating as not being able to find the keys to your car - especially when you're in a hurry. Fortunately, Tile (the creators of low-energy locators that help consumers find misplaced objects) and Jaguar Land Rover are setting the wheels in motion to eliminate this nuisance fo...

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