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Why Your Google Analytics Time Metrics Are Not Accurate

As with most businesses, you are probably using Google Analytics to track the traffic to your dealership website - specifically to see how much traffic you are receiving, where it is coming from, what traffic sources are converting, and how long people are staying on your site. However, tracking...

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Uber Paves Way for Smart Car Fleet with Acquisition of Geometric Intelligence

It's no big secret that Uber has its sights set on a future in which artificial intelligence (A.I.) and "smart" cars serve as the backbone of the on-demand transportation industry. However, what was once viewed as nothing more than high hopes and wishful thinking is starting to move a lot closer...

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Google and OpenAI Go Public with Their Respective A.I. Research Platforms

Have you ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of the Google team or Elon Musk as you explore the limits of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning? If so, then you'll be happy to know that harnessing the power of Google's DeepMind Lab or the development tools offered up by OpenAI ju...

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The U.S. Govt. Now Has the Legal Power to Initiate Mass Hackings

On December 1st, a new legislative rule came into effect providing the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) with a hefty amount of new digitally-relevant investigatory powers. While there's plenty of "legal speak" and analysis buried within what has come to be known as "Rule 41," the big change...

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Is It Time to Standardize Connected Car Technology?

With the Internet of Things (IoT) joining drivers in their favorite vehicles on a increasingly regular basis, it's no big surprise that virtually every automaker and tech leader is rolling out their own iteration of this type of "always on" system in an attempt to woo traveling consumers. However...

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Ontario Govt. Gives the Go Ahead for Self-Driving Vehicle Tests on Public Roads

While Google and other United States-based frontrunners in the field of autonomous vehicles have been testing this technology on public roads since 2009, our friendly neighbors to the north haven't been quite as willing to follow in these forward-thinking footsteps in the past. However, thanks to...

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Google's DeepMind A.I. Learns to Read Lips - Better Than the Pros

Expertly reading lips isn't just a talent reserved for the most cunning of conversationalists any more. In fact, if Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence (A.I.) system has its way, it won't be long before we all come to view this technology as the leading authority in deciphering - and contex...

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nuTonomy on Pace to Test Self-Driving Fleet on the Streets of Boston

Boston is a city known for its storied history and unique culture - and its often horrendous driving conditions. From traffic that stretches as far as the eye can see and labyrinthine roads that confuse even the locals to brutal winter weather and (according to a study conducted by Forbes magazin...

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Remora Earns Distinguished Position as Premier Google Partner

Here at Remora, our team of dedicated design, development, and marketing experts have only one goal in mind: To provide dealerships with the best possible service and deliver tangible results through cutting-edge digital strategies. Of course, now that we've achieved "Premier" status as a Google...

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Fake News Shares Surged Past Real News Engagement on Facebook During the 2016 Election

Ever read a headline that one of your friends shared on Facebook and thought to yourself, "there is no way that is true," as you clicked on the link? If you logged in to the world's favorite social platform this past election season, then odds are that you're nodding in agreement right about now....

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U.K. Set to Adopt "Snooper's Charter" Legislation

The Investigatory Powers Bill (better known as the "Snooper's Charter") has made its way through both the House of Lords and the House of Commons and is well on its way to becoming the new digital law of the land for citizens of the United Kingdom (U.K.) - and, in some cases, individuals aboard a...

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Baidu Hits the Streets with Self-Driving Vehicle Test

Baidu, an Internet behemoth that lays claim to an astounding 79.81 percent of all of China's search traffic, is most often known for making history on the digital information superhighway. However, the recent unveiling of a public test run of self-driving cars in Wuzhen shows that this tech thou...

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A.I. Experiments Is a New Site That Lets You Play with Google's Experimental A.I. Projects

It's no big secret that the guys and gals over at the Googleplex are big fans of artificial intelligence (A.I.), machine learning, and the rest of this cutting edge field. However, just because Google is a major player on this front, that doesn't always mean that everything this tech leader does...

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Remora's Own Christian Jorn on Why Owning Your Dealership AdWords Account Matters

Back in February, Remora's President Christian Jorn joined Sean Bradley on his "Make Money Mondays" YouTube series for a special edition of the show - and to send a vital message to dealerships across the country.

That message? If you don't outright own your dealership's Google AdWords ac...

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Samsung Makes Major Move into the World of Auto Tech via $8 Billion Acquisition of Harmon

As a world leader in electronics and tech, there aren't very many industries in which Samsung doesn't already have a strong foothold. Even so, automotive technology surprisingly has a spot at the top of this short list.

Well, that statement was true up until this morning when the South Ko...

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Russia Is on the Verge of Banning the LinkedIn Social Platform

LinkedIn - and parent company Microsoft - might be riding high after a surprising mid-2016 turnabout, but that doesn't mean that everything is sunshine and rainbows for the world's largest professional social media network. In fact, with an imminent shutdown in Russia looming just beyond the hori...

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Blackberry Set to Team up with Ford on Self-Driving Car Software

Blackberry might be not be in the business of manufacturing smartphones anymore, but that doesn't mean that this Waterloo-based tech powerhouse is ready to close up shop. In fact, with a new agreement looming just over the horizon with Ford, it looks like Blackberry could actually be poised to ta...

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Uber Partners with GM's Maven to Create San Francisco-Based Car Rental Program

Using a personal car to shuttle Uber customers around is naturally an endeavor that comes with a hefty amount of wear and tear on one's own vehicle. Fortunately, it looks like a budding partnership between the world's most popular ride-sharing service and automotive magnate General Motors (GM) co...

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Admiral's Social Media-Based Car Insurance Premium Pricing Algorithm Gets Shut Down by Facebook

Across the pond, intrepid developers and programmers from the United Kingdom's (U.K.) Admiral Group recently announced a clever new app that utilizes an algorithm to scan a customer's social activity on Facebook and provide a discount - specifically for first-time drivers - based on the results o...

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MIT's Breakthrough Research Explores Bond Between Artificial Intelligence and Accountability

Should a self-driving car have to explain why it swerved away from pedestrians and potentially put occupants within the vehicle in danger of an accident? What about a robotics system that relies upon artificial intelligence (A.I.) to help perform complex surgery and other medical operations?

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Volvo Aims to Hide Self-Driving Cars from Road Bullies

As we move toward ubiquitous self-driving technology, there's still one burning question that has yet to be answered: How will human drivers react when the know that the vehicles around them aren't being piloted by another living, breathing person?

For Swedish automaker Volvo, the answer...

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Self-Driving Vehicles Gain Traction via Updated German Traffic Laws

Back in September, the White House unveiled a bold new plan to help regulate and govern the emerging self-driving sector within the automotive industry. As we head into November, it looks like Germany is ready to not just follow in the footsteps of the United States, but to also go above and beyo...

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AdWords Alert: Remora's Director of Search Steve Seeley Brings AdWords Partner Bug to Light

If you're a Google Partner, then you probably awoke to a nasty surprise this morning in the form of a late night/early morning email from Google regarding what appears to be missing Company Specialization scores. Additionally, after logging in to figure out what went wrong, you probably noticed t...

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IBM's Watson Set to Bring Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to the Slack Communications Platform

Five years ago, Watson took the world by storm when it brought its powerful artificial intelligence (A.I.) capabilities to "Jeopardy!" and thoroughly trounced some of the best contestants the show has ever seen. Today, Watson is leveraging this same skillset to enhance and improve the Slack commu...

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Bloomberg Philanthropies, Aspen Institute Announce Global Self-Driving Car Initiative

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg believes that autonomous vehicles are the future - and he's backing up this notion by helping cities across the globe develop policy recommendations and plans for when self-driving cars officially come to market.

In particular, Brian Fung of Th...

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Follow-up: Hacked Cameras, DVRs Responsible for DDoS Assault on Dyn

Well, it looks like the Internet of Things (IoT) really was responsible for the crippling Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against Domain Name System (DNS) service provider Dyn that occurred earlier in October.

The big surprise here, though, is that the basis for this assault s...

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Are Automotive Manufacturers Struggling with Dashboard Technology?

It's no big secret that the world of automotive and the digital sector are becoming more entwined with one another with each passing day. However, just because these two industries appear to be joined at the hip moving forward, that doesn't mean that learning to live together has been an easy - o...

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AT&T Announces Blockbuster $85.4 Billion Acquisition of Time Warner

For AT&T, the new name of the game is building a phone company into a titan of the modern digital media world. At least, that's what most of the pundits are saying after the announcement of a blockbuster deal that will see the Dallas-based organization hand over $85.4 billion in exchange for...

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Tesla Goes "All in" on Autonomous Vehicles, Equips Each New Production Model with Self-Driving Tech

Elon Musk and the rest of the Tesla team are ready to lead the charge toward a completely autonomous automotive future. Don't believe it? Then the fact that every Tesla model produced going forward - including the Model 3 - will come standard with the hardware needed for complete access to the co...

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Twitter, Amazon, Reddit, Others Taken down as Part of DDoS-Based Attack on Dyn

For a hefty portion of the Internet, October 21st is a day that many would rather forget ever happened.

As Wired magazine's Lily Hay Newman reports, Twitter, Amazon, Reddit, and a significant amount of other high traffic websites have experienced outages throughout the day as Domain Name...

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Did Your Smart Fridge or Security Camera System Play a Role in the DDoS Attack on Dyn?

Perhaps the most astonishing revelation regarding the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on Domain Name System (DNS) service provider Dyn is the fact that the myriad appliances, smartphones, cars, and devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) could have played a vital role in thi...

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WeChat's New Drone Streams Video to China's Favorite Social Messaging App

It looks like Zero Zero Robotics isn't the only tech luminary looking to add its name to the affordable drone marketplace. In fact, the latest entrant, WeChat, has its sights set on bringing the best of both the worlds of drone tech and social media together with its budget-friendly offering, the...

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Why Doesn't Anyone Want to Buy Twitter?

What do Verizon, Google, Disney, Salesforce, Apple, and Microsoft all have in common? As Jacob Kastrenakes of The Verge points out, these industry titans all share the common trait of taking a pass on the opportunity to buy the rights to Twitter's social media empire.

Of course, with so m...

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The Hover Camera Passport Is Finally Ready to Launch

Back in May, word broke of a consumer-friendly drone from Chinese startup Zero Zero Robotics set to launch by the end of the summer that wouldn't just be capable of following its owner around and taking 4K resolution selfies - it would also be easy on the wallet. While the summer deadline might h...

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Apple's Self-Driving Car Program Shifts Gears Toward "Software Only" Outlook

Back in 2014, the goal of Apple's secretive self-driving car initiative, known as Project Titan, was to shake up the automotive industry via its own branded offering and completely rethink the way consumers view the role of vehicles in their daily lives. Unfortunately, after two years of research...

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RDM Group's "Driverless Pod" Takes the Roadways as Britain's First Self-Driving Vehicle

The list of countries and businesses experimenting with autonomous vehicle technology in real-world scenarios continues to grow at an astounding pace - and Great Britain is the latest contender to join these ranks. However, the offering set forth by English engineering firm RDM Group might not ex...

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