As more and more data and services head to the cloud, specifically via Amazon Web Services (AWS), it makes plenty of sense for Amazon's team of engineers and programmers to continue to place a substantial priority on keeping this sensitive info safe, secure, and out of sight of the prying eyes of digital intruders. However, the fate of your dealership's data (and that of countless other organizations) may not actually rest in human hands at all anymore.

As the editorial team over at Forbes magazine explains, Amazon has blazed a new trail by becoming the first public cloud computing and storage service provider to turn to artificial intelligence (A.I.) to safeguard information held within AWS. Known as "Amazon Macie," this new safety measure leverages the power of machine learning in an effort to automatically discover, codify, and shield stored data on behalf of the service's users.

In terms of how Amazon Macie works, this system utilizes machine learning to both understand the nature of potentially sensitive information and find security flaws within user accounts on AWS. From here, analyzing and reporting issues to customers, including real-time alerts related to usage that the A.I. algorithm deems unusual, comes next.

Considering that S3, an integral part of the AWS platform and home to myriad "buckets" of files, houses some of the most sensitive data on the web (including 60,000 files belonging to the United States government that were compromised last year due to lax user security protocols), it makes plenty of sense to go "all in" on security - and to make use of the inherent power of technology that is at the forefront of what appears to be an inevitable digital revolution.

Want to learn even more about the role of A.I. in Amazon's latest efforts to protect data in the cloud? Then follow along with the team over at Forbes magazine as they delve into all of details regarding Amazon Macie's learning process and security mechanisms on the other side of the link below.

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