As a regular fixture of the now retired Duval Ford Heavy Metal Hour on 1010XL, it only made sense for Remora President Christian Jorn to join host Bruce Armes at the beginning of this month as he moves on to the next great adventure: The "All Things Jacksonville" radio show. Focused on life, culture, and today's pressing issues, with a special emphasis on how these hot-button topics affect the local Jacksonville community, it is safe to say that no subject is off limits on this program.

With this in mind, Bruce and the team behind All Things Jacksonville spent a large portion of the show tackling a topic that transcends the automotive world: The recent influx of school shootings and other incidents of mass violence here in the United States. Given the fact that this topic hits especially close to home for the Remora family with the recent incident at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Denver, home to one of our offices, Christian is unfortunately able to offer up some personal insight into an issue that deserves the attention of all, yet often ends up on the backburner in today's fast-paced 24-hour news cycle.

With this in mind, make it a point to spend a few minutes of your day stepping away from the grind of work to listen to this important conversation. After hearing the thoughts and perspective of Christian, Bruce, and Wiley Hodges from the Crime Stoppers organization, we hope that you too will feel empathy for those impacted by these tragedies and a renewed resolve to implement solutions that can help prevent unnecessary violence and the tragic loss of life of our youth who should have nothing but the brightest futures ahead of them.

Here is a link to the full inaugural episode of All Things Jacksonville. Feel free to listen to whole episode at your leisure, or jump straight to the 28:11 mark for the segment of the show featuring Christian:

If you would like to hear more from the All Things Jacksonville radio show, feel free to check out the official 1010XL SoundCloud page. Also, be sure to listen to Christian's previous appearances on 1010XL via the Duval Ford Heavy Metal Hour as a way to garner even more insight directly from the mind behind Google's favorite car dealership website.

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