What happens when you pair up the the man behind the team responsible for creating Google's favorite car dealership website with one of the progenitors of the auto industry's first "un-conferences?" As we saw on March 28th when Remora's own Christian Jorn joined Mat Koenig of the Rockstar Moments Live podcast, a wide range of hard-hitting topics were covered, plenty of expert insight was offered up, and tons of laughs were had.

But don't just take our word for it! If you had the misfortunate to miss out on this must-see live podcast event, or you are still on the fence about joining countless others in Las Vegas for a truly unique industry gathering, make it a point to set aside a few minutes of your day today and join us as we recap some of the finer points of this live podcast event, in addition to offering up a complete replay of this outstanding conversation between two of the brightest minds in today's automotive marketplace.

Recapping the Rockstar Moments Live Podcast

So just what exactly did Christian cover on his first visit with Mat Koenig on the Rockstar Moments Live Podcast? From discussing the importance of marketing and connecting with millennials (in addition to bringing these individuals into the business side of the equation) to uncovering how to beat the classifieds via organic search supremacy, it is safe to say that the founding father of Remora left no stone unturned.

Here's a complete replay of this live podcast that's definitely worth an hour of your time if your dealership plans on optimizing its online presence and leveraging the full potential of its website:

If you'd rather listen to the podcast in audio form, don't worry; we've got you covered on this front as well:

Regardless of how you follow along, the fact remains the same: If your dealership is serious about breaking the cycle that leaves it perpetually held hostage by manufacturers and seedy vendors alike, then digging into this podcast – and booking your trip to Las Vegas for the Rockstar Un-Conference Auto Event in May – definitely needs to be a priority.

Making the Right Plans for May

Speaking of the Rockstar Un-Conference Auto Event happening in May, now is a good time to make sure that you have your spot reserved for this can't-miss event. Christian will be kicking this show off right as the first speaker up on May 13th, so you'll naturally want to be there bright and early for the opening festivities and info-laden deep dive into both what it takes to connect with millennials across every facet of your sales and business process as a dealership and the steps you can take to kick the classifieds to the curb via the lessons learned by the industry-leading team found here at Remora.

As always, if you have more questions about how you can take advantage of this upcoming speaking engagement or how your dealership can leverage cutting-edge technology and practices to dominate organic search (and reach younger shoppers who always keep their ad blockers turned on), then make it a point to connect with the Remora team today. Additionally, you are always welcome to stop and say hi to Christian on the convention floor at the Rockstar Un-Conference Auto Event.

If you need to register for a ticket to the Rockstar Un-Conference, go ahead and check out the official page and secure your spot now. Otherwise, you run the risk of missing out on an opportunity to immerse yourself in expert insight from some of the automotive world's top minds!

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