After making waves in the automotive world by becoming the first international automaker to earn the right to test self-driving vehicles on the roads of Beijing, you'd think that Daimler would be all out of new ground to break, right? Not exactly.

As Wallace Witkowski of MarketWatch reports, Daimler is partnering with auto parts giant Bosch and graphics card company Nvidia to develop a self-driving taxi fleet that will eventually service the Bay Area of California. Set for launch in 2019, this driverless shuttle service will likely begin running routes through Silicon Valley and later spread throughout San Francisco as adoption of the service expands.

While it is no big secret that Daimler is all in on self-driving technology, partnering up with Nvidia does give this automotive titan the ability to branch out beyond its own propriety hardware and utilize the components of one of the hottest tech companies in the world. Specifically, Witkowski points to the implementation of the Pegasus AI chipset as the workhouse behind Daimler's dreams of a "Level 5" (i.e. completely autonomous) vehicle fleet.

As we've seen with plenty of other automakers, this bold move into the world of mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) is yet another example of the industry's traditional powerhouses moving beyond the conventional dealership-oriented sales model and finding new ways to interact with consumers that may one day end up heading right past your showroom floor and into the waiting cabin of an autonomous taxi.

Want to dig even deeper into the blockbuster partnership between Daimler, Bosch, and Nvidia, as well as how it could impact the automotive word in what appears to be the very near future? Then be sure to set aside some time today to check out the full story from MarketWatch's Wallace Witkowski, which you can conveniently find on the other side of the link down below.

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