With over one billion installs on devices across the globe, it's safe to say that Google Assistant and its myriad features, driven by the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.), is one of the most potent platforms on the web. With a recent test undertaken by the team over in Mountain View, CA., it could also be the next home for paid search ads.

So what exactly could be changing in the near future for search results showcased via Google Assistant queries? As Greg Sterling of Search Engine Land reports, users have recently found themselves viewing the iconic green "ad" disclaimer and paid search ads via search results populated within the Google Assistant app. Going a step further, this new paid content-including layout also pushed organic results below the fold – and well out of view of the person on the other side of the phone, tablet, Home Hub, etc.

At the moment, this is nothing more than Google dipping its toes in the water to see if it can recapture ad revenue lost in the wake of search queries migrating from traditional avenues (mobile, desktop, etc.) to voice-driven A.I. tools, like the Google Assistant app. And with no concrete numbers being released by this tech magnate in regard to current and historical search usage within this channel, it is hard to quantify just how earnest Google will be in bringing this feature to market for all Assistant users.

Despite all of this, and given the fact that unlocking paid search within Google Assistant results could cannibalize the aforementioned conventional channels and potentially generate higher engagement (and higher costs) due to the single ad test format, it is definitely well worth your dealership's time to stay abreast of this development coming out from the Googleplex – and any other shifts in the constantly evolving online advertising landscape.

Want to dig even deeper into this developing story and see for yourself what this new paid search format looks like currently within the Google Assistant app? Then be sure to dig into the full scoop from Sterling and the rest of the Search Engine Land crew on the other side of the link provided down below.

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