If you know anything about Google's AMP project, then you're probably familiar with how this system is all about helping mobile users consume content on the web in the most efficient and expedient way possible. However, with the advent of the new AMP Lite iteration of this program, Google has once again shown that is more than willing to add an entirely new dimension to the concept of lightning-fast mobile browsing.

(Quick aside: If you're interested in learning more about the AMP project in general and how it could affect your dealership's online content operations, feel free to dig into our complete overview of this system, as well as the latest changes to the program's new individual publisher carousel functionality and approach to content credit attribution.)

So what's the big difference between regular AMP pages and AMP Lite selections? As Venture Beat's Jordan Novet explains, the Lite take on AMP-enabled content is designed with low-RAM devices and slow network connections in mind. In other words, the team from Mountain View clearly believes that even people stuck dealing with older tech and located in poor reception areas deserve to dig into their favorite articles and posts at the fastest rate possible.

On the stats side of this discussion, compressing images and image data, along with the other minor tweaks that make up the Lite build of the AMP infrastructure, will ensure that your dealership's AMP-enabled offerings require 45 percent fewer bytes to load.

Currently, AMP Lite is only turned on for users in Vietnam, Malaysia, and other regions and countries where slow wireless connections and low-RAM devices are prevalent. That being said, it should come as no surprise that this technology will eventually make its way to publishers from around the globe as Google continues to redefine - and enhance - how viewers consume content on the go.

Want to dig even deeper into the announcement of AMP Lite? Then take a moment to check in with Novet as he breaks down the details on Google's latest take on the mobile browsing experience.

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