With Google and Facebook facing down constant pressure in the wake of the European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and users more aware of how their data is being used that ever before, it only makes sense for these tech titans to rethink their approach to digital advertising and the handling of this sensitive information. Google's latest take on certain aspects of the company's advertising and user tools prominently display this concept in action for those who have been paying attention.

So what exactly are the men and women over at the Googleplex doing to right the ship in terms of data misuse and revamp how you connect with potential car buyers in your area? As Chris O'Brien of VentureBeat reports, both "Ad Settings" and the "Why this ad?" tool have new functionality that takes into account the needs of today's target customer.

Specifically, in the Ad Settings menu, Google users can now preclude themselves from certain factors that play into the targeted ad experience. However, general factors (like time of day) will still be automatically baked into the process of pairing up a user with a specific advertiser.

As for garnering a better idea of why an ad ended up on your screen, the "Why this ad?" tool now displays for virtually every ad shown within Google's various ad products. Previously, this feature was only available on select ads.

While all of this is new ground for Google in terms of providing greater transparency and control to the end user, they are not the first tech giants to walk down this path. If you remember, Facebook has already dipped its toes into this process of retracting targeted ad capabilities via an initiative to roll back advertiser tools on its social platform.

Want to learn more about Google's new take on user data, the intricacies of these tool updates, and why these changes could impact how end users interact with your digital advertising content? Then be sure to dig into the complete story from O'Brien and the rest of the VentureBeat team via the link we've offered up down below.

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