Back in January, Google made it official: If the mobile version of your website can't load quickly for viewers by July of this year, don't be surprised to find your rankings tank as the company continues to transition to a mobile-first index. With July officially here, it is only a matter of time before this speed update becomes a reality for your dealership website and the rest of the digital world.

As Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land reports, this update will have differing impacts on sites based on their current load times. Sites that already load blazingly fast will get the green light to remain at positions of prominence on the search engine results pages (SERPs) related to relevant terms. On the other side of the spectrum, sites that perform poorly in this regard will fall to the bottom of the rankings, but have an opportunity to regain lost position by tweaking and improving load performance.

If you find your dealership website falling into the second category, Schwartz does go on to note that rising up from the mire of slow sites isn't an all-or-nothing proposition; even incremental improvements can impact your site's ranking and help gradually improve its position on coveted SERPs.

Naturally, Google is remaining relatively tight-lipped in regard to the actual release date of this update. Even so, with all signs pointing to a July rollout, your dealership better be ready to answer the pivotal question Google is about to present to the entire Internet: Is your site fast enough for today's mobile-first world?

If the answer to this question is anything other than a resounding yes, July could end up being a rough month for your dealership's digital presence.

Want to read even more about the impending Google speed update, as well as a bit more clarification on how this update will work via Google's John Mueller? Then be sure to dig into the full story from Barry Schwartz and the rest of the Search Engine Land team via the link we've provided down below.

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