Remember back in July when the French government decided to impose a complete ban on conventional engines by 2040 as part of its efforts to help reduce carbon emissions and brace its infrastructure for the inevitable move toward electric and autonomous vehicle technologies? Well it looks like the City of Lights is going above and beyond and aiming to lead the rest of the country by expediting this ban date by a full decade.

As Brain Love of Automotive News reports, Paris is upping the target for a complete removal of combustion engines (both gasoline and diesel) to 2030 in an effort to set an example for the rest of the nation - and potentially lay the framework for other local French governments to follow suit and embrace the future of the automotive world.

However, being a progressive and forward-thinking municipality is really only half of the story here. As Love goes on to explain, Paris is a city fraught with temporary driving restrictions, in addition to a slew of other environmentally-conscious edicts (which include special no-car zones, fines for drivers of older vehicles, and car-free days), that arise due to excessive pollution, so making the move to more eco-friendly transportation options is also an alternative that appears to be vital to the health and safety of the Parisian population.

Will Paris lay the groundwork for other cities in France to expedite the phasing out of gasoline and diesel engines? What about the impact this move could have on China and other global peers that are also considering ways to move beyond combustion-engine cars and pave the way for electric vehicles and (eventually) autonomous offerings?

For answers to these pressing questions, as well as a complete rundown of this bold move by the Parisian government, go ahead and click the link below and join Love over on Automotive News for the full story.

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