Elon Musk and the rest of the Tesla team are ready to lead the charge toward a completely autonomous automotive future. Don't believe it? Then the fact that every Tesla model produced going forward - including the Model 3 - will come standard with the hardware needed for complete access to the company's self-driving technology should have you singing a different tune here shortly.

To put things plainly, Tesla is officially moving all in on the notion that autonomous vehicles will be ubiquitous in the very near future.

Considering that all signs point toward self-driving technology as the key to everything from increased safety and more efficient usage of fuel to an influx in reliable on-demand transportation, it's not surprising to see Musk and the rest of the Tesla team espouse the virtues of this growing bond between the tech and automotive worlds.

Want to learn more about this big change regarding Tesla's production standards? Then check out the official announcement from Musk and Co. on the other side of the link below.

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